Le Béton
A unique concept on the Atlantic Seaboard combining luxury multi level villa style living with secure concierge access. From ZAR76 Million Including VAT

International Property Award Winner – Best Residential Development


Penthouse 37
Villa 35


Informed by the varied immediate context consisting of mountain, fynbos as well as the ocean vistas beyond, we developed an aggregation of strong, monolithic forms meticulously composed as a syncopated series of solid-void-landscape relationships.  Striking a balance between integration and separation the structure reads as both a whole and parts concurrently; it was this formal approach that we used to provide the combined sense of privacy and exclusive community that sets this project apart from others of a similar nature.

The formal concrete elements are tempered by a finer grain of screens and ribbed finishes – a considered application of mass vs. rhythm.  The cementitious nature of the concrete is offset by the material selections applied elsewhere across the facades; timber, metallics and glazing provide texture, relief and reflection that animate the more solid compositional elements.  A third layer in the form of landscaped “integrations” further balance the mass inherent in the structure; this is evident in the manner in which the verge perimeter and internal courtyard gardens are experienced – they are more “in” the building than around it.

The lifestyle demands inherent in a development of this stature necessitated  a “carving out” of the mountain; this gave us the  generosity of space and volume we were looking for.  Internally, the units are a collection of deep and generous spaces linked by volumes to create a series of “moments”; intimate internal spaces and gardens are counterbalanced by panoramic vista driven terrace and living space designs – we apply a principle of “conceal and reveal” that delivers a continuously evolving occupant experience.

Architecturally, the result is a building that is timeless, elegant and beyond any trends, it as permanent as the concrete from which it is made yet is enjoyed in the ephemeral way that the light moves across it and brings it all to life.


Exquisitely powerful architectural forms & highly sense driven functional spaces